> A Very Civil Union

To foster osmosis through the protective membrane that surrounds many fine arts institutions and is most prohibitive to those not educated about art, I often place my work where it might be seen by viewers who did not necessarily set out to see art that day. Toward that end, I undertook a series of adhesive window decals that project ideas inside and beyond exhibition spaces, from which I can take rubbings that reference the intergenerational manner through which literal and figurative baggage is passed down. The first “window drawing” in this series, “A Very Civil Union,” derives from an ink drawing I made as a meditation on healthy relationships. Suitcases (or pieces of “baggage”) simultaneously stand alone and merge, creating new space both inside and outside themselves. Graphic and material differences between the vinyl decal-turned-matrix and its offspring -- the rubbings -- remind me of the potential for change within familial structures and interpersonal relationships in general.