> Hand Out

"Hand Out" is a large adhesive vinyl self-portrait as my first grade teacher. Miss Hildred was wont to hold one arm akimbo with the other outstretched whenever she found one of her charges to be chewing gum. She held that pose until the offender surrendered the warm wet wad. I harbored some resentment toward Miss Hildred based on some unconstructive critique she leveled at me in 1973 -- see the fifth photo for scanned documentation of the affront and my response. While burnishing the vinyl decal to the window inside the Davis Museum at Wellesley College thirty four years later, I concentrated on letting go of any vestigial feelings about Miss Hildred's undiplomatic highlighting of my shortcomings. The title plays on the memory of Miss Hildred standing with her hand out before a gum chewer, as well as the notion of reaching out to reconnect with someone whom we feel may have wronged us or whom we may have wronged at some point.