> Simu-Lighthouse

The fact that many art viewers spend more each year on reproductive souvenirs of visits to art venues than on original works of art got me wondering if the best way to insert my work into people's daily lives wasn't to leapfrog over the stage of the aura-matic object straight to the souvenir. This inquiry was sparked by a plastic serving tray my mother purchased at a Dollar store in Florida and sent to me as a housewarming gift when I moved to Maine in 2002. Made in China, the tray depicts what it identifies as the "world's most photographed lighthouse," the Portland Head Light, which continues to guide ships into and out of Portland Harbor, a body of water I drive over daily. As an homage to the increase in favoring mediation over direct experience, I began visiting this lighthouse with its Made in China doppelganger (and a hand model) at the ready to bolster the experience during cold, overcast or otherwise "inferior" moments.